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Surma Design Logo

There are two different types of Surma Design Logo. To use them properly, follow the instructions below.

Surma Design Full Logo
Use this logo whenever it is possible

Surma Design Letter Logo
Use this logo on all important documents

Using the Surma Design Logo

Surma Design's logo always needs enough safe space, free of imagery and text surrounding it. Use 100% of "S" letter width to determine the minimum amount of safe space that should surround the logo.

You need to remember to always keep enough space around Surma Design logo to keep it clear and uncluttered. Please don't edit, modify, rotate, distort or recolor the our logo.

Surma Design Colors

Surma Design Fonts



Navigation font


Noto Sans

Header font


Open sans

Website content font



Helvetica Neue

Fallback font




Fallback font


Naming Usage

Please, do not modify or abbreviate the name "Surma Design". Keep "Surma Design" as a two single words.


Surma Design name and logos are property of Surma Design © and may only be used as described in these Guidelines. Avoid using the Surma Design logo for anything that would be inconsistent with Surma Design Terms of Service and these Guidelines.